• Leeann Blondin

Stellar Stallions


This past weekend the St. Lazare Stallions made history by winning their first Ballon d'Argent of the team’s existence at the Atom level. They did it by beating the undefeated Richelieu Pirates 24-8 at Percival-Molson stadium in front of a great crowd. The game featured great defensive plays by both teams in the half-time. With the score tied at 0-0 the Stallions took over the game by the fourth quarter scoring three touchdowns.

As one of our parents said "Parents in the stands were all nervous at the beginning of the game, probably more nervous than the players themselves.” They became louder as the game went on and literally exploded in joy when the Stallions scored the first touchdown of the match and took the lead.

Parents made sure to cheer for the players as loud as they physically could until the very last play of the game. When the Stallions' victory was finally confirmed, parents shook hands, hugged and congratulated each other.

It's with extreme pride that they watched their boys celebrate their victory on the field and took countless videos and pictures.

Overall, parents were thrilled to be part of this historical win by the Stallions and to have the opportunity to live this unique experience with their boys. It was a wonderful feeling to look back at the parents and know that they were behind us throughout the whole game.

"We knew that if we wanted a shot at the provincial championship Ballon d'Argent we had to be far better and not suffer another loss like we did on the fourth week of the season against rival Western Patriots. That loss fueled us to make key adjustments which paid off going on a nine-game winning streak and claiming the prestigious Ballon d’Argent trophy,” said Head Coach Frantz Jacob.

He and his coaching staff believed in their players all season long and said they were a unified team. They are so proud of what they accomplished and wish them a great off-season. The players are, and will always be, the Provincial Champs of season 2016.

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