• James Armstrong

Rigaud approves by-law exemptions at special meeting


A special council meeting called by the Town of Rigaud drew the attention of several citizens.

A special Rigaud town council meeting to expedite the processing of three minor derogations and a modification to the town’s human resources policy was held Monday, November 21.

The first minor derogation request dealt with the construction of a shed and a parking space in an environmentally protected area along a waterway at 30 rue Saint-Viateur. The owners of the property pointed out the waterway is actually a man-made drainage ditch. Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr., who was chairing the meeting, clarified the definition of waterway. “In Québec, they are all waterways, man-made or not, and it’s been that way for three years,” he said which appeared to be a surprise to the property owners.

Council approved the request with certain conditions including that the property owners must work with the Conseil du basin versant de la region de Vaudreuil-Soulanges (COBAVER-VS) to create a natural landscaped barrier between the shed and the ditch and the parking area must be graveled not paved. The work is to be carried out during 2017.

It came to light in the process of reading the minor derogation that the parking area is for a tow truck and that parking of such vehicles in a residential driveway is not permitted. The owner said he has a document from the Québec government that permits him to park the vehicle in his driveway. He pointed out that a lot of tow truck drivers in the area are doing the same thing and added that it doesn’t make sense for him to be called out in an emergency situation and have to drive from Rigaud to Saint-Lazare to get the tow truck and then go to the scene of the emergency. In the end, he and the mayor agreed that the tow truck parking issue was a different case to be dealt with separately at a future date and the resolution was passed.

The second and third minor derogations approved by council dealt with the installation of directional signs for Delta Daily Foods located at 26 rue Séguin. The signs will be installed at a height exceeding the limit permitted by town by-laws so that truck drivers can see them.

Modifications to the town’s human resources policy were also approved giving regular employees official and financial recognition based on continuous years of service. The scale of years has now been expanded to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years for recognition. The objective, according to the modification, is to maintain good human resources relationships by recognizing their years of service with a financial reward and an official vote of thanks from the council. The bonuses range from $300 for five years of service to $500 for 30 years. The previous policy contained a recognition scale that began at the 15-year point of continuous service.

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