• John Jantak

Pierre Séguin announces mayoral candidacy in 2017 Vaudreuil-Dorion municipal election


Vaudreuil-Dorion businessman and lawyer Pierre Séguin is throwing an early hat into the political ring in announcing his candidacy for mayor in the 2017 municipal elections.

The next Vaudreuil-Dorion municipal election may still be just under one year away, but for Pierre Séguin, it’s the perfect time to declare his candidacy for the city’s top position as mayor which he announced during a press conference on Monday, November 21.

A resident of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Séguin has nearly 25 years experience as a businessman and a lawyer in the region and has extensive experience dealing with complex cases involving commercial, municipal, real-estate, zoning and environmental issues.

He has also been at recent council meetings raising issues during question period such as the city’s financial involvement and participation in the international United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) organization.

“Many citizens with whom I speak are disillusioned with the anarchic development of the city. Furthermore, the current climate in the municipal council leaves very little room for citizen participation,” Séguin stated in his press release.

“Currently the status quo does not allow for accessible and transparent information on important issues. People must realize that this trend is not inevitable. They can make a difference by opting for a vision which includes and involves all. This is exactly what I intend to bring to our city,” Séguin added.

When asked why he decided to announce his candidacy so early, Séguin told Your Local Journal that while it may still be roughly a year until the election, it’ll give him time to organize his campaign and select the appropriate candidates who will each run for the respective council spots in the city’s eight municipal electoral districts.

Séguin realizes there will be a lull in the New Year before the election campaign enters full gear and pledged that his team will be ready by early next summer because the issues that he feels are of concern for the city’s residents will already be in the public mind.

He’s already taken a position about the recent announcement made by the Harden Group about their plans to build new shopping plazas around the Highway 20-30-40 corridor.

While increased business is always desirable, Séguin feels the current municipal administration is not taking into account what the impact will be for motorists and commuters in the area as traffic density increases or on existing businesses that will face increased competition.

“If you drive around the city, you’ll notice there are a lot of commercial spaces for rent and we also see businesses that are closing,” said Séguin. “It’s not realistic to think about new shopping centres when we have empty stores.”

Mayor Guy Pilon had no immediate comment on Séguin’s candidacy except to say that his mayoral declaration has been accepted. Pilon added that he will be ready to respond to Séguin’s comments when it’s time.

“The fact is that to make an announcement before Christmas means that people will forget everything,” said Pilon. “It’s not a federal or provincial election – it’s a municipal election. To be a candidate, you really have to be very up-to-date and with it being about a year before the election, people get tired hearing about it.

“Right now, whatever he’s doing is okay but he still hasn’t announced the candidates who will be running with him as he said he would about two months ago,” Pilon added.