Letter to the editor 4, Nov. 24, 2016

Hudson Sandy Beach petition

Dear Editor,

I'm sure many of you are aware that I have started a petition to have the town of Hudson hold a referendum to ask the residents if they would like the town to enter into negotiations with the owner of the large parcel of land surrounding Sandy Beach to purchase the property and preserve it as a nature park adjoining Jack Layton Park.

The owner has three distinct parcels of land. I am only asking the town to purchase the largest, undeveloped parcel which includes Sandy Beach and leave the two remaining parcels as developable land for senior housing and private homes.

This part of Hudson is unique in that it is on the lake, it is home to an incredible number of wildlife and fauna species, it has the Vivery River meandering through it, it is used by many Hudson residents daily and year around, it attracts people from outside our community who come here to experience the uniqueness of Hudson and who contribute to our local businesses, and it provides a place for art and nature to meet and be enjoyed by everyone. There isn't another place like it and if it is developed, it will be gone forever.

I'm sure you have all heard rumours about the asking price of the property, but they are just rumours. Until the town agrees to enter into negotiations with the owner and settle on a price, we don't know what the real cost is. Perhaps the town can find other groups, agencies, and individuals interested in contributing funds instead of borrowing all of it themselves. The important thing is to agree that this unique part of Hudson needs to be protected and preserved for everyone forever.

Please visit the website sandybeachhudson.wixsite.com/naturepark and sign the petition.

Many thanks,

Richard Grinnell


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