• Carmen Marie Fabio

Homemade therapy


MatterThings 3D Printing in Pincourt worked with a local owner of a card and collectibles marketing company to develop a squeezable likeness of the head of American President Elect Donald J. Trump.

While many in the world rolled their eyes incredulously when Donald J. Trump first ventured into the political arena, Pointe des Cascades resident Stewart Sargeant saw it as a unique marketing opportunity.

The owner of card and collectibles Breygent Marketing Inc. took a workshop at MatterThings Inc. 3D Printing in Pincourt to design a baseball-sized likeness of Trump’s head destined to perch on the top of a tiny stick-figure body. Working with the team, they devised a three-inch tall likeness of the American president elect with a malleable and squishable head, perfect for venting frustrations.

José Hoyo and Claudia Schmidt who started their enterprise in Pincourt’s Faubourg de l’Île Shopping Centre at the end of 2014, now have over 25 3D printers onsite.

“Our designer Alexander Gonzalez took about 20 hours to model it,” said Hoyo of his work with Sargeant. “It’s a Canadian-made Trump.”

“We built (the prototype) in a high-precision machine (FormLabs SLA 3D) then my nephew Konrad Schmidt painted the colour scheme and it was sent off to China for mass production.”

Sargeant had to pay Trump a fee for permission to reproduce his likeness and is reportedly in the process of recreating the characters from the 1970s rock band Kiss.

The entire Trump Squeezeez process, from conception to execution, took about three months and retails for $7.99, significantly cheaper than therapy.

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