Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 17, 2016

Dear Editor,

Poor Robert Spencer the disgraced ex-councillor. Was he a pawn in a nasty game?

Surely he was not alone?

You could think that Spencer had help writing the list of frivolous complaints to the MRC against the mayor and council. You could also believe the vicious, vindictive ex-Director General, hell bent on bankrupting the Town of Hudson, used him to get back at the mayor for suspending her.

Almost two years of ignoring the notifications and not showing up at caucus meetings; attending those Town Council meetings that he had to (or not be paid for his monthly stipend); conducting a smear campaign behind the backs of the council. This is not the way a councillor represents his constituents.

I do hope the Town of Hudson goes after Spencer for the $120,000 he wasted of the town’s money. I’m sure his “friends” will help to pay the bill.

Not only will this repay us, the taxpayers, but hopefully serve as a warning to anyone else thinking of making false, offensive accusations against the mayor and council.

Deborah Barclay


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