• John Jantak

Pincourt resident cries foul over errant baseballs


Pincourt resident Guy Doucet holds some of the baseballs that he says have strayed from Parc Olympique and landed on and around his nearby property this summer.

Baseball season may be officially over, but for one Pincourt resident, the ongoing frustration over errant baseballs that fly over the netting from the field at Parc Olympique and wind up in homeowner’s yards adjacent to the park, prompted Guy Doucet to raise the issue at the November 8 council meeting.

Doucet used the public statement forum at the beginning of the meeting where residents are allowed to speak about any issue to voice his concerns.

As he stood before the microphone, Doucet held a plastic bag that contained at least eight large baseballs that he collected over the summer, saying it’s a continuous problem that area residents have to endure each year.

While nobody has been injured from any of the stray balls, Doucet claims that at least one person narrowly avoided being hit and that some vehicles have been dented from the errant balls.

Cardinal told Your Local Journal after the meeting that Doucet has complained to council about the situation in previous years and that the town has tried to reduce the number of stray balls by installing a large mesh netting around the batter’s area two years ago, but some balls still manage to fly over net.

The town will look into the possibility of enlarging the netting next year, said Cardinal, adding that the situation should be less problematic because there are more kids’ leagues that are using the baseball field now.

“There aren’t as many adult teams playing at the park anymore,” said Cardinal. “There are a lot of kids that are playing there now and they don’t hit the ball very hard; just the adults. We will do another study to determine the cost of putting more netting next year.”

Unleashed dogs

Another resident used the public statement forum to inform council that unleashed dogs are apparently roaming around the city after they wander away from unfenced private properties and asked council what it will do to stem the problem.

Cardinal said the town will look into the matter and enforce its dog by-law by ticketing offenders who do not keep their dogs leashed, even on private property.

“As soon as a dog is in a public area, it must be leashed and under control by the owner at all times. It’s the same for dog owners who do not have a fence. Their dogs must be leashed too,” said Town Manager Michel Perrier.

Financial surplus

As the town prepares its 2017 budget that will be presented at the Omni Centre on December 13, Cardinal announced a surplus of about $8.5 million according to the town’s financial report for 2016.

Taxpayers, however, shouldn’t expect a reduction as most of the money has already been allocated. Cardinal wouldn’t speculate on what the 2017 tax hike will be, but the town has maintained an annual tax increase of about one per cent or less in previous years.

“A lot of the money is in different reserves that will be used for projects and debt reduction. It’s already been set aside. It seems like a lot but it really isn’t. Council has always had the intention of putting that money aside to be used for different purposes,” said Cardinal.

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