Letter to the editor 3, Nov. 10, 2016

Dear Editor,

Having recently attended the excellent presentation by the well-known Canadian journalist Gwynne Dyer, from which it appears that Doomsday is the prognosis for the future of the world, and not that far off either, it may seem a bit trivial to even introduce my take on the recent paint job by some well-meaning iconoclasts on the exterior wood-work and trim of the 150-year-old beautiful little Anglican Church, St.Mary's, in the eastern sector of Hudson, formerly called Como.

It is very disturbing to me and, indeed, to my entire family, reiterated by our many friends, family, acquaintances, and passers-by to accept the change in the portico (door), the lych-gate, sashes of the beautiful stained glass windows, trim, and small roof, from the ‘traditional red’ – to an insipid dismal grey. I have been urged by many people to keep trying to persuade the four or five ‘Board’ members, where, in the capacity of their appointments of volunteer managers of church affairs, will not abide any opposition or protestations form any ordinary members of the congregation.

The new rector supported to change the colour of the entrance portico (doorway) back to the original red and this was agreed to at the vestry meeting. However it was not actually carried out. I am encouraged by a growing number of parishioners, local residents, and visitors to the town church yard to keep on with my campaign to get the job done. I even have offered to cover the costs. I am asking for support in my plea from all you out there to help get the traditional colour restored and thus return St. Mary's to its heritage of a place of respect and beauty.

According to Mr. Dyer, mankind, “... (and all the other species) does not have long to enjoy life on earth as we know it now.” The ‘religious red’ on the door particularly signifies ‘hope and love, and the Blood of Christ’...(look it up) ...the present dismal ‘grey’ the closest colour to white, apparently signifies the "Ascension".....death! Maybe it is appropriate after all!

So, since annihilation is our future, why not preserve the little beauty we have around us, as best we can, and not be subjected to sudden stresses such as suddenly waking up one day to find your attractive little stone church sporting an unannounced, uninvited, ugly and dreary new colour scheme?

If you agree, please convey your opinions to the Church Board of St. Mary's in Hudson.

Naomi Henshaw


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