• Stephanie O’Hanley

A missing cat mystery in Île Perrot


This photo of Nathalie Lirette's 11-year-old lost cat named Tom, posted online, drew over 50 responses. Lirette says Tom went missing from her home near 21st avenue in Île Perrot on August 4 and none of the sightings have panned out.

Île Perrot resident Nathalie Lirette let her tuxedo cat, Tom, out one night in early August only to never see him again. She’s been searching for him ever since.

Lirette, who lives near 21st Avenue in the Town of Île Perrot, said going outside had been part of Tom’s routine since he was a kitten. “Normally he comes back but that night he did not. I have had him for 11 years. We were used to working this way and we had no problem before.

“My heart is broken, you have no idea,” she said. “I lost my forever friend.”

Since Tom’s disappearance, Lirette has done plenty to find him. She’s put up posters and alerted area vets, let the SPCA know, phoned and emailed the city. Her online posting on the Facebook Group VarageSale’s Vaudreuil-Dorion & Surrounding Areas community showing a sweet-looking cat with an upside down white heart around his nose, attracts plenty of attention and tips — more than 50 responses to date.

But each time, it’s the wrong black-and-white cat.

“Twenty people at least (told) me, ‘Oh yeah I saw your cat.” With each reported sighting Lirette would get her hopes up. “Every time I was sure it was him, I was so happy.” Then she’d see the cat and discover” ‘Oh no, it’s not the same one.’”

She’s had 10 phone calls for a similar-looking cat that lives on Lucien-Manning Street, near the IGA.

“There are a lot of cats outside,” said Lirette. “No home, it’s surprising. People are very nice and they try to help... It’s very nice to have support like that.”

She worries about Tom being out in the cold as winter approaches though she’s not even sure if he’s alive. Even more disturbing, over the past year Lirette says a lot of her neighbours are also reporting their cats have disappeared.

“There’s one home, they lost three cats in less than one year,” she said. “There was a lady who was feeding the cats outside. They used to have at least 10 cats go there and eat and return home afterwards but this year there were no cats at all.”

Lirette said she called the city and was told there was no pickup for cats on the dates around when she called.

A city representative told Your Local Journal the city of Île Perrot has no bylaws concerning cats. And while there’s a dogcatcher for dogs, there’s no animal control service for cats.

A detailed description of Tom:

Has an upside down white heart around his nose

Nose white with a pink tip

Tail and paws have white on them

Medium-sized, short-haired

Very vocal, with a high voice

To reach Nathalie Lirette, call (514) 791-8406

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