• John Jantak

St. Lazare conducting geo-technical studies for Chaline Valley sewer extension


A recent letter to Chaline Valley residents from Mayor Robert Grimaudo indicates that the town is considering installing a new sewer system in the sector to “... help reduce the amount of water collecting at the base of the Quinchien River and the river’s branches.”

A geo-technical survey is currently being conducted in St. Lazare’s Chaline Valley that may eventually result in the construction of a new sewage system for area residents.

The announcement was made in a two-page letter signed by Mayor Robert Grimaudo that was delivered to all affected homeowners. In a separate letter from the city, residents were advised that specialists from the engineering firm Tetra Tech are presently conducting a survey of all the septic tanks which will continue until the end of November.

Grimaudo’s letter chronicles the efforts the city has made to address residents’ landslide concerns. It notes that following a public information meeting with residents and the provincial Ministry of Transport in May 2014 regarding the issue, the city requested financial assistance from the Quebec disaster prevention plan in June 2014 to conduct preventive work to stabilize the area.

Grimaudo noted that the request is still being assessed by the Ministry of Public Security along with geo-technical specialists from the Ministry of Transport. During presentations made to the city by both ministries in May 2016, it was determined that as a result of the new landslide zone mapping, part of the anticipated preventive work would include the installation of a new domestic sanitary sewer system into Chaline Valley.

The letter states that the wastewater and treatment systems currently used for detached houses in the sector such as septic tanks and weeping fields would no longer be used. Instead, the city would install a gravity-based connection that would extend to the proposed new sewer water main located on a street’s right-of-way.

“This would help reduce the amount of water collecting at the base of the Quinchien River and the river’s branches. It would also greatly facilitate the anticipated stabilization work, which requires excavation of embankments,” the letter stated.

Work to build the new sewer system could begin in spring 2018 as part of a larger upgrade project that will affect property owners on the side streets off of Chemin Ste. Angélique opposite the new H-300 residential project.

Grimaudo also noted that the project may be eligible for a subsidy through the PRIMEAU municipal water infrastructure program that is offered by the provincial Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du territoire (MAMOT).

The two-phase PRIMEAU program consists of preliminary studies, the bidding process for professional engineering services and the completion of plans and specifications in the first phase. The second phase will involve completion of the required construction work.

The streets affected by the septic tank survey are Chaline, Charbonneau, De Condora, Du Cardinal, De la Cigale, De Carillion, Du Chêne, Du Calypso; De Condora and Chaline Crescents; Place Cardin, Place Charbonneau and part of Chemin St. Louis.

Homeowners are requested to remove any ornamental and decorative items, earth, soil, grass, and any other debris that would prevent the complete opening of the septic tank covers along with the permit that was issued for the construction of the septic installation if available.