Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 3, 2016

Dear Editor,

Having no clear answers on the Saint-Lazare Chaline Valley landslide file has me very concerned. I asked several questions to the ministry officials at the recent landslide meeting held October 25 in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot.

As follows: In order to rectify and implement the landslide corrective measures is it part of the solution to install sewers in Chaline Valley? The answer was vague and not clear – some properties will have to be on municipal sewers and some will not but, according to the letter dated October 11, sent by the City of Saint-Lazare, the whole sector is going to be hooked up as a preventative measure? All of a sudden the city wants to inspect all the septic systems in Chaline Valley and the project has been fast-tracked for provincial funding? However, nobody was informed about the public meeting held in NDIP where the ministry officials were present to answer questions, nobody has seen the new map of the expanded zone, nobody has seen the 20 pages of tight restrictions to the property holders, nobody has seen the new technical report concerning risks and possible solutions, and the person representing the people, the District 3 councillor, was not even at the meeting!

I also pointed out and asked the question about the thousand or so houses being built and going to be built in the near future in Saint-Lazare which will all be hooked up to the city lagoons. This denaturalization water effect and the outflow of the lagoons all drain into the Quinchien River. How does this affect the landslide zones?

The ministry officials clearly stated that the biggest risk for landslide destabilization and erosion is the increased flow of water! Nobody in the room was able to answer that question!

It was stated in Your Local Journal October 27 that the city does not know and more studies need to be done. More studies? The city is not aware of this crucial problem?

If the city is using the Quinchien River to drain practically all of Saint-Lazare, they may be contributing to the problem of land destabilization, again subject to verification.

I want to see and read these so-called ‘studies.’ The sewers, landslide risks, commercial and residential high density housing, and the city lagoons are all interlinked and part of the same problem. Saint-Lazare needs to take responsibility for this complex problem and not plan to stick residents with sectoral loan by-laws to the benefit of others. The landslide and sewer solution should be paid for collectively by all of Saint-Lazare.

Show up at the next landslide meeting on November 16, 2016 at 7 p.m. held at 100 des Loisirs street in Saint-Polycarpe and ask the questions that nobody seems to be able to answer.

Constantinos Markakis

Resident of Chaline Valley


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