• Carmen Marie Fabio

The medium is the messenger

What course does life take if one realizes from early childhood, they’d been given a gift to communicate with beings beyond the tangible world?

“At age two or three, I understood that when I had imaginary friends, they weren’t imaginary,” said St. Lazare resident Jarred Atkins who describes himself as a medium, psychic, clairvoyant, and a shaman. “I sensed and felt things that made me want to be around certain people and not be around other people. But just because I was born with it does not mean that that was the right time to use it.”

Atkins said he doesn’t believe, “… in this nonsense of taking a weekend seminar and all of a sudden you’re a shaman, when there are shamans in Latin America who’ve studied 50 years to get to where they are.” He described the feeling of having his visions and experiences as a weight on his shoulders until deciding the time was right to embrace his gift and take the steps to develop what it is that he has.

“People are always looking for hope and they want to hear the right thing, which is what sets me apart – I’m not a fortune teller,” he said. “I work with angels, or, in essence, they use me to do their work.”

He says his method of communication with angels or spirits is not comparable to a face-to-face conversation nor does it include visuals akin to high-definition television. “I can’t speak with them the way I speak with you. It’s all telepathy, feeling, emotion, and visions.”

“A medium is someone who can contact those who have passed on,” said Atkins including ‘psychic’ and ‘clairvoyant’ in his spiritual practices. “Psychic in the sense that I receive visions on behalf of people so that I can guide them.”

“If someone says they’re a skeptic, I’m happy,” he said. “It still means they’re open to the possibility that they might be wrong.”

For this skeptic, the interview was enlightening in its clarification of the difference between a spirit and a ghost – when someone passes on, they cross over to the spirit world, while a ghost is a soul who stays behind. “It’s a soul that gets stuck here.” Atkins says if a ghost wants to be seen, anyone can see it. “It’s not necessarily a negative thing,” he continues, giving the example of a grandmother who may have passed on but wants to stay nearby.

“I’m also an exorcist,” said Atkins, describing referrals and clients from both North American and European locales. “It’s dangerous and not something that many people would dare approach which is why I get so many calls for (the service).” Atkins calmly recounts weekly phone calls of people who call, asking him to come quickly as things are flying off the walls or kids are levitating in their beds. He said one of the drawbacks of his work is that he doesn’t sleep much, citing an inability to turn off the switch that connects him to the spirit dimension.

In describing his work in laymen’s terms, he uses the analogy of ‘spiritual attachment’ to swimming in leech-infested waters. “A spiritual attachment is an entity, or negative energy, that leeches onto us and basically sucks our positive energy.”

Regardless of the problems people are having with spirits or demons in their lives, Atkins said all his interventions incorporate positive energy and ‘light,’ the embodiment of Heaven and goodness, that comes from his hands. Light is either used for healing, or for countering negative energy referred to as darkness or the shadow. “I consider myself a vessel for Heaven, for the light, call it what you will.” He recounts his kids watching the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie. “I don’t walk around with a backpack,” he laughed.

Atkins said his craft is not an exact science and he’s always honest with his clientele. If he can’t reach someone’s deceased loved one, he won’t take payment for the session.

“There are a lot of people who claim to offer these services, but in every business, you have your scam artists and your frauds unfortunately. I don’t like to see this as an industry. What I have is a gift.”

For more information, consult jarredshamanmedium.com

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