• John Jantak

Senneville projects 2016 budget surplus


Senneville pro-mayor and district 3 councillor Brian McManus (centre) announced that the village is anticipating a budget surplus for 2016 of just under $500,000.

Senneville is anticipating a 2016 budget surplus of just under $500,000 as preparations begin for next year’s municipal budget, announced pro-mayor and District 3 Councillor Brian McManus as he read aloud the mayor’s report regarding the village’s financial situation at the Monday evening council meeting, October 24.

Preliminary analysis of the figures for 2016 show projected revenues of $6,129,207 and total operating expenditures, amortization, debt reimbursement and allocated funds of $5,630,463, of which $3,493,490 is the municipality’s share to the agglomeration of the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) for services.

“The final results for 2016 are expected to yield an operating surplus of approximately $495,744. This projected operational surplus results largely from taxes on new non-residential properties and a provision from the Montreal agglomeration taxes,” said McManus.

The mayor’s annual remuneration is $11,706 and with an expense allowance of $5,853. Each of the six councillors receives $3,902 in remuneration and an expense allowance of $1,950. McManus added that the village’s 2017 operating budget along with triennial projection for capital expenditures and projects in 2017, 2018, and 2019 will be presented at a special sitting of council on December 19.

The presentation also included the audited financial results for the year ending December 31, 2015, which showed “... total operating expenditures, amortization and debt reimbursement of $6,321,609 and revenues of $5,506,886 resulting in a budgetary surplus of $814,723 generated largely by the non-residential and duty on transfers of immovables, an out of court settlement for loss of taxable revenue and increased construction permits,” McManus reported.

The expected surplus for 2016 shows that council has taken a responsible approach towards managing the municipality’s finances, said McManus.

“It’s certainly a positive,” he added. “Being in the black is a nice thing and it’s good for the village. I think it speaks a lot about the prudent management that council has been able to achieve in the last couple of years. It’ll allow us as we look at the new budget the possibility of allocating some of that surplus to some potential projects that need to be done.”

New website

Senneville council adopted a resolution to hire the Montreal-based website development company mbiance to revamp the village’s website. The contract which is valued at $16,246 plus taxes includes content management software, a revamped interface to make it more user friendly, designing the new website, user training, hosting and management, implementation of a mass-mailing engine and the installation of traffic analysis tools

McManus said the upgrade is part of the village’s strategy to improve communication with the town’s citizens by informing them about municipal issues and upcoming events through email instead of relying on the delivery of flyers door-to-door.

“In order to that, we thought that a proper website was in order. We went out to tender, had a good evaluation committee look at the three submissions and we’ll hopefully have a refreshed website in the coming months,” said McManus.

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