• Carmen Marie Fabio

More chapters in Beaconsfield storey situation


While the proposed condo project on the former Beaconsfield Tennis Club site was the focus for most attendees at the monthly council meeting, school safety at École Saint-Rémi was again broached by some students’ parents.

Approximately half the attendees present at the October 24 Beaconsfield council meeting left the room following questions on clarifications of time frames for potential referendums concerning the proposed condo project on the site of the former Beaconsfield Tennis Club and a proposal for an 18-townhouse complex on Beaurepaire Drive near the corner of St. Charles Boulevard.

“The notice should be published November 2 and the timeframe to deposit the application will be between November 3 and Thursday, November 10,” said Town Clerk Nathalie Libersan-Laniel. She said the document is available at City Hall and 12 signatures per affected zone are required.

“If the register is being asked for because the application was deposited, November 21 would be the adoption of the final by-laws.” Libersan-Laniel also said any referendum on the proposed developments would be at the discretion of the council. “Let’s say there are enough signatures in a register to ask for a referendum, there’s no guarantee a referendum would be held. The council will decide.”

Resident Lorne Smith reminded council that the zoning change for the Tennis Club project was initially denied in 2010, and the three-storey project was rejected in 2013, and questioned why the developer is now proposing a four-storey structure within the 13-metre height frame.

“I don’t want four storeys next to where I live and, I believe, neither do my neighbours,” said Smith. “I also don’t believe the majority of Beaconsfield citizens want a four-storey structure that will set a precedent and become the future of all baseline development.”

Mayor Georges Bourelle encouraged Smith to use the processes in place to voice his opposition.

As the district’s councillor, Wade Staddon said the four-storey structure would be the same height as most three-storey buildings. “It’s not simply a matter of removing a storey. The economics of the whole development will change and we can’t predict what those changes will be at this time.

“Our goal is to have the best project whichever one is realized,” said District 1 Councillor David Pelletier. “It’s my understanding that it’s a requirement to have an elevator in a four-storey building, but not in a three-storey building. If there’s no elevator, that would limit access to the first floor for elderly people.” Pelletier said the four-storey project would include more green space.

Road safety at École Saint-Rémi

A group of four parents of students at École Saint-Rémi on Neveu Avenue presented council with a petition signed by 308 people requesting the installation of a sidewalk in front of the school. The same petition was also presented to the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys who are currently evaluating the accompanying terrain.

“Beaconsfield has always prided itself on putting family and safety first,” said a parent of four students at the school. “I think this is a good example of a project where we can keep that small town mentality for something that makes a lot of sense for our children and our community.”

Director General Patrice Boileau said the town is awaiting a response from the school board to cede part of the property to accommodate the sidewalk installation at the 450-student locale. “We’re not going to build a sidewalk on property that doesn’t belong to the city.” In addition, there are Hydro poles that will need to be relocated. “Caucus is working on this and when we have the agreement we’ll prepare specs and try and move on with the project.”

Holiday Train and traffic

Resident Al Gardiner broached the issue of traffic backup on Highway 20 at last year’s arrival of the CP Holiday Train with Station 1 Cmdr. Sébastien de Montigny. “There were large crowds and not very many officers around,” said Gardiner. “Will there be more around this year?” De Montigny confirmed at least six officers would be present but traffic control issues on the highway are the jurisdiction of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ). The train is scheduled to arrive at the Beaconsfield train station November 26 at 8 p.m.

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