Letter to the editor 4, Oct. 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

On October 4 at the ST. Lazare Town Council meeting, I was shocked to hear five of the six councillors profess that Roxanne Aubin should continue the wonderful work she has done for the Festival Galop, for next year. This person did not even make enough money to make up for her $100,000.00 salary that the councillors agreed to pay her last year for the three day event in July 2016. Councillor Marc Escuilier was the only one to vote against it. Bravo Marc!

I asked council in August if there had been a feasibility study done in 2015 before they jumped into spending $2.1 million of our tax dollars to date and Mayor Robert Grimaudo blatantly said no. This is what our council says is responsible spending.

While sitting on a security meeting, when asked about funding, the response from Pamela Tremblay of District 2 that it is not in the budget. At the same time they have blown $2.1 million dollars on the White Galloping Elephant.

When will the citizens of St. Lazare say enough is enough?

The new town hall is turning into a real fiasco. It has lowered the lake behind the church and has added tons of gallons of water to the creek that runs in front of the construction site. Where are the engineers and architects who thought that this was a great spot to build it? I also wonder what Environment Canada would say about this.

Liz Rozon

St. Lazare

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