Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter today to voice my frustration at the complete and utter lack of concern that the majority of the council of St. Lazare has regarding spending tax payers’ money. It is bad enough that we had to endure the building of an extravagant town hall - we were missing only 17 signatures to put a stop to that - but now our money continues to be spent on a festival which many feel is a waste of money.

I have attended meetings for the last year and I am astounded at the rate that our money is being spent: new fire station, new town hall, and an expensive festival. I attended last month’s council meeting where our new councillor, Marc Esculier was the only councillor who opposed to extend the contract of an organizer for Au Galop. Extending her contract would mean that she would earn $70,000 to organize a 2.5 day event. His logic is that it should not cost that much money to organize an event of 2.5 days. I agree. I work long and hard to earn my salary. A salary of $70,000 is very decent, and most people earning that kind of money put in 40 hour weeks and work many months. How can we justify this spending? I find this a clear and utter disregard for the needs and concerns of this town.

I know that there are many problems in St. Lazare: flooding, landslides and sinking homes.

Why are we not putting our money where it really counts?

This, to me, is like a slap in the face.

Joanne Ackland

Resident of St. Lazare

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