Letter to the editor 1, Oct. 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

There is a prevailing idea that if a person sublimates their personal comforts or even civil rights for a greater number of people than their ‘one’ self, they are heroes and that we should all aspire to do so. If not, we have to fear being called "despicable and unacceptable" as Ms. Laliberté does in her letter of September 29 (concerning a complaint made about leftover garage sale items in a driveway).

A much better way to see to the matter is for everyone to follow the rules which are intended to be the same for all of us. The idea of subjectively judging who gets to enjoy leniency and who has to suffer this imbalance in order to avoid being called despicable and unacceptable is, I would say, dangerous and threatening to good government and democracy. I mean who gets to judge?

Oh, my head spins trying to understand such syrup... I live near a walking path and suffer all sorts of invasions to my privacy. The bylaws relative to such zoning contradictions are not followed or enforced by virtue of the very thing Ms. Laliberté mentions. I am seen as an intolerant cad because I do not sublimate myself to whatever destructive behaviour visiting families choose to do when they come to the country for one afternoon. I have no idea what I am supposed to do in the face of it... Offer tea?

Getting more logical, laws are great. When they are applied fairly and equally, society prospers and happiness abounds.

We all love structure.

Tess Evans

St. Lazare

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