• James Armstrong

Rigaud’s Festival of Colours deemed a success by town council


Councillor Archie Martin, a Mi’kmaq Métis, was on hand for the annual Rigaud Festival of Colours with an educative installation about the culture, traditions, history of First Nations of the Americas.

In spite of a downpour of rain Saturday, October 8, Rigaud Town Council deemed the 19th Edition of the Rigaud Festival of Colours a success at the monthly meeting held Tuesday, October 11. A resolution was officially adopted congratulating and thanking the hundreds of volunteers, the participants, the Public Security Department and all involved. “Without the help and involvement of everyone, this festival would not happen,” said Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. The event takes place annually during the three-day Thanksgiving weekend and is estimated to attract close to 50,000 visitors.

PHOTO BY JAMES ARMSTRONG  Rigaud resident, William Bradley, raised the issue of simultaneous translation for council meetings.

Council adopted a series of regulatory amendments, and pertaining to urban planning, zoning, permits, certificates and construction. A public consultation meeting concerning the amendments will be held Thursday, November 3, at 6 p.m. in the Édifice Paul-Brasseur, Salle de l’Amité, 10 rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste Est. Copies of the amendments are available for consultation at the Rigaud town hall.

A request was made by council to the Ministère des Transports, Mobilité durable et Électrification des transports (MTQ) for permission to have access to the Rigaud River under the Rigaud-de-Cavagnal Bridge on Route 342. They plan to create an outdoor skating rink on the Rigaud River. Council also authorized a call for tenders for professional maintenance services for the outdoor arena.

A notice of motion was approved to modify the existing regulation concerning the number of members permitted to participate in the Comité consultative d’urbanisme. “This will allow us to have more citizens take part in this committee,” said the mayor.

A contract was awarded to Aqua Data Inc. for the second phase sewer infrastructure inspection for $18,535. The purchase of salt was approved from Mines Seleine, a division of K+S Sel Windsor Ltée at a rate of $75.24 per metric tonne.

Although payment in the amount of $12,000 was approved for road improvement work on rue Joly, chemins Bourget, de la Mairie, de la Point-Séguin and Saint-Georges, it did not include the replacement of the washed out culvert on Saint-Georges. “We are still waiting for the approval of the Ministry of the Environment engineers,” said Gruenwald. The wash-out occurred during a heavy rainstorm in the spring of 2016. The town had planned to replace the culvert during the month of August but interim repair work has had to suffice.

Under Human Resources, permanent positions were approved for Marie-Hélène Brazeau as Head Gardener and Luc Boyer as Director of Economic Development for the town.

Councillor Édith de Haerne invited Rigaud citizens to a free conference on the subject of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle and its effect on local forest. The conference, featuring a presentation by biologist and agronomist Micheline Lèvesque, takes place Tuesday, October 18, at the Édifice Paul-Brasseur, Salle de l’Amité at 7 p.m.

During the second question period, resident William Bradley raised the issue of simultaneous translation from French to English during council proceedings. The mayor responded the cost for such a service would be prohibitive and the town is conducts its business officially in French.

Bradley also wanted council to take action regarding a verbal altercation between himself and another citizen during the September 12, 2016 Council Meeting. Gruenwald replied the incident did not involve any councillors and was a matter between the two individuals involved. The mayor suggested Bradley contact the Sûreté du Québec (SQ). Bradley pointed out that the other person involved is a relative of a council with Gruenwald reiterating it was not a council matter.

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