Friendship bench gifted to Mount Pleasant


Tyler Bindon (rear, left) at the installation of his handcrafted Friendship Bench at Mount Pleasant Elementary school with wife Roxanne Woods and two sons, Reid and Jackson.

Students at Hudson’s Mount Pleasant Elementary school have some extra seating room this year and it’s likely the first time they’ve encountered a school bench bookended by two chubby bears and a curious squirrel.

“The purpose of the bench is for children to make friends, to come and hang out together,” said Cristina Capela, co-president of the Home and School Association chapter along with Sarah McPherson. “It’s been very, very successful. The kids love it, they flock to it.”

Hand carved by Tyler Bindon of Bindon Carpentry & Carving, the bench is made from BC redwood cedar donated by Robert Savignac from Arbor Vitae Log Craft and tools and weather protection provided by Hudson Hardware.

Co-ordinated by the Home & School committee, the bench was originally placed inside the school building until Bindon, father of two students at the school, asked administration to place it outdoors. “It’s cemented to ground and fully protected for the winter,” said Capela. The bench is nestled in with the playground equipment on the grounds of the school located on Mount Pleasant Street.

“The novelty may wear off, but right now, all the kids are crowding around it.”