• Joyce Pardo

Building bridges


(Left to right): Marilyn Mason, Merry Larocque, and Jean-Guy Beaulne.

A special presentation luncheon was held September 16 to honour three St. Lazare residents who have devoted the last two decades to the establishment and growth of the St. Lazare Seniors Bridge Club.

Merry Larocque, actively involved in the St. Lazare community for many years, founded the Bridge Club in the mid-1990s with less than 10 players. She has had the satisfaction of seeing this grow to well over 100 members, including many from surrounding areas, thanks to her enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work, appreciated by all.

Jean-Guy Beaulne, active and helpful in the growth of the Club for 20 years, has used his blogging skills to pass along informative communications to all members, keeping everyone up-to-date on the Bridge Club's activities. He has always been ready and willing to give a helping hand.

Marilyn Mason, also for the past two decades, was always there to ensure the delicious coffee was hot and ready, always with a smile, always willing to help in any way she could.

All three people were presented with beautiful commemorative plaques, thanking them for their dedication and service.

In a meeting with St. Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo, assurances were given that upon completion of the new town hall, efforts would be made to find a place of honour for the names of these contributors to our community.

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