Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 29, 2016

Dear Editor,

Every morning I go for an early morning walk with my two dogs. I live in a neighborhood with mini pine forest parks that so few developments are lucky to have. When Ivor MacCloud planned this area, he envisioned all the homeowners would enjoy these mini forests that grace their front or side views. Unfortunately, over a small period of time I noticed that property owners take it upon themselves to use these parks as convenient disposals.

So far over the summer I have viewed gravel piles, sand piles (no doubt from a sand box), a garden hose, cinder blocks, and a wooden post from a sign. Homeowners throw their large twigs, branches, and garden heaps right by the side of the street and forest area. I do not feel that Mr. MacCloud gave us these very special forests to use in this matter as a dumping site.

We are so very privileged to have these pockets of huge pine trees and I find it so sad to see how property owners are treating these special areas. Please keep the front of your park clean. If you see a tossed Tim Hortons coffee cup, juice box, beer bottle, etc. pick it up. Keep the park clean and please stop dumping, this is public property not yours. There is a branch pick up in St. Lazare in October, take 10 minutes and pile the branches that you threw at the forest’s edge and make a tidy pile on your own property.

Please keep this wonderful neighborhood beautiful and the park areas natural and untouched.

Geordie William Vincent

St. Lazare

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