Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 29, 2016

Dear Editor,

How is it possible that, in these times of world intolerance, a neighbour would complain to the city about a fundraiser for animal rescue and women’s shelters?

My friend’s outreach for donations and articles was so successful that her double garage in St. Lazare was filled to capacity. Did that uncaring neighbour and the city think she could display everything the morning of the garage sale and that it could all be put away at the end of it? Prior to the weekend, it took her weeks to price, sort, display all these items and coordinate generous volunteers sacrificing their weekend in order to help her. My friend is an unconditional, dedicated animal lover and this garage sale was not for her benefit. Such generosity should be commended, not reprimanded. Kudos to her. Such intolerance is despicable and unacceptable.

Dear neighbour, here are some more important issues to complain about to the city: speedy and noisy cars/drivers, barking and lawn-pooping dogs, unkempt properties, the lack of leaf and branch pick-up, expensive city hall.

Add to these suggestions, the lack of neighbourly compassion towards heartfelt initiatives for those in need.

Diane Laliberté


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