Letter to the editor 4, Sept. 22, 2016

Dear Editor,

Every Tuesday I go late to pick up my mail so that I can also pick up the bag of flyers. It's always surprising to me the amount of discarded leaflets, advertisements, etc., that are left on the small shelf, despite a sign thanking people for not leaving their 'unwanteds' there. What’s up with that? There are no recycling bins, garbage bins, nor fairies circling about.

So who do all those people who sort their mail at the kiosk assume will clean up their rejected mail? How hard is it to bring the handful to your home and deposit your waste in the recycling bin?

Clearly you have hands, you all just opened your mail boxes. It's one of my biggest peeves. We live in the 21st century, we know where and what we are supposed to do. We all want to live in a nice neighbourhood with clean air, water etc., which brings me to the first Wednesday garbage day pick up of the month. Hello? Has anyone heard of Kijiji? Varage sale? Renaissance? Value village?

It actually hurts me to see all the good stuff at the end of everyone's driveway. It had been a glorious Labour Day weekend and if everyone had put out their stuff on the Friday night I’m sure it would all have been gone by Monday evening. Why does it have to go into a dumpsite or onto a ship to China when so many people could use it?

The worst offenders though are the ones who leave their mega television sets out...really? They contain toxic chemicals and needed to be disposed of properly. If they work, give them away. If they don't, do the right thing.

This world is not going to get any better if we all don't do our small part each and every day.

Thank you to all of those who do care.

Elianna Beckman

St. Lazare

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