Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 22, 2016

Dear Editor,

I have read the various scenarios regarding saving the Willow Inn. Mike Poirier a very savvy man, with years of successfully running his businesses in Hudson and St. Lazare was unable to show a modest return on the running or the Willow. He has stated that he has to close this institution. For The Town of Hudson to even consider purchasing or becoming financially involved with the Willow Inn would be an outright disaster. The town is broke and can't even afford to repair its own roads, water problems, Pine Lake, etc., etc.

The town has spent taxpayers’ money in wasteful ways over the last several years, had employees siphon off money for their personal use, let property owners get away for years without paying their property taxes. Now to save a dead or dying enterprise it is being suggested that the town should become involved in various methods to save this inn.

The mayor and council can't manage what they have on their plate at present. The last thing the people of this town need is another method for their tax dollars to go astray.

As for the town to rezone additional farm land for housing or commercial use as proposed by certain land owners, that would only further strain our already broken infrastructure. We already have plenty of residential land not being built on and many, many unsold homes on the market. Our roads are crowded, our schools full, and the Medi-centre stretched to its limit. The last thing Hudson needs is the further building of more new houses.

Alex McNamee


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