Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 22, 2016

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in the context of the consultation process regarding the Preliminary Conservation Plan for Hudson.

As a former ministerial aide and public servant in Ottawa for over 35 years, I know very well the challenges that face elected and non-elected officials in the development of public policy.

On any given subject, it is expected that you will find different opinions based on different perspectives and/or interests. The challenge for a government is to find a balance that will serve the interests of various groups and individuals affected and reconcile, to the extent possible, the divergent points of view.

I presume that in launching a public consultation, the municipal authorities in Hudson are serious about listening to the various views expressed and making a decision for the public good.

It is only by listening and being open to compromise that we will find a solution for the benefit of all. A broad-based consensus is paramount in this exercise of democracy.

Maybe more time is needed to articulate a responsible plan.

Germain Laporte


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