• James Parry

Hudsonite takes rosette at Hunter Trials

PHOTO COURTESY MARY JEFFERIES Returning to riding after 20 years on the water, James Campbell and Big Red won a coveted rosette at the recent Lake of Two Mountains Hunt Club’s Hunter Trials in Ontario.

Hudson was more than well represented recently at the Lake of Two Mountains Hunt Club's Hunter Trials in Glen Robertson, Ontario, on Sunday, September 11. Founded in 1946, the group recreates a classic fox hunt without chasing, catching, or killing a live fox. For many years, riders have followed a scented trail previously laid down by organizers.

Hudsonite Mary Jefferies said the original territory of the hunt was on the southern shores of the Lake of Two Mountains in Quebec and has since extended up the Ottawa Valley into Eastern Ontario. According to the group’s website, the hunt’s territory covers 180 square miles consisting of open and ploughed fields, woodlands, and several rivers. Jumps include the natural terrain along with some manmade post-and-rail structures.

The annual September event also features ‘Hat judging’ and a picnic contest as well as a parade of hounds with the huntsman.

As for the Hudson contingent this year, James Campbell and his mount, Big Red, won a rosette. Campbell, incidentally, has just recently returned to riding after 20 years sailing and boating on the water so this was an extraordinary accomplishment.


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