Letter to the editor 6, Sept. 15, 2016

Dear Editor,

Concerning the matter of the District 4 election coming up in St. Lazare, I feel there is only one candidate talking about what really needs to be addressed and that is the huge amount of debt we are assuming. From a new municipal garage, a beautiful fire hall, and now an over-the-top city hall there seems to be no limit to the projects that are still being discussed. This town square revitalization and a roundabout at St. Louis and Bédard I hear are still not completely off the table.

Traffic down near Chemin Ste. Angélique and Cité-des-Jeunes is reaching total overload while three new developments are currently being worked on. Camping Lac des Cèdres has installed a current standard sewage line stepped down to the 50-year-old existing pipe which is almost one fifth in size. What do you think is going to happen there eventually? Sewer and water main breaks are a common occurrence in the town core due to aging pipes.

All that sewage will need to be pumped over to the four sewage lagoons which are just behind the new school. Cité des Champs and Papillion sewage will also go in there as will the golf course development coming up.

Will our water needs be met in the future or will we run out? The reality is that the most urgent priorities have been ignored by this administration and replaced by irresponsible and luxurious spending.

I find it odd that a district where the councillor who resigned got in by acclimation in 2013 and now we have six in the race. Sounds like a classic ‘let’s split the vote’ technique to me.

Richard Meades

St. Lazare

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