Letter to the editor 5, Sept. 15, 2016

Dear Editor,

During the last election, the Mayor of St. Lazare and councillors ran on a platform, which included wonderful promises of ‘fixing the infrastructure’ because they said “the previous administrations had done nothing to improve St. Lazare’s infrastructure”

Does the purchase of Dune Lake qualify as ‘infrastructure’? NO.

Does Au Galop qualify as ‘infrastructure’? NO.

Does the hiring of a full time person at $100,000 salary to organise Au Galop qualify as ‘infrastructure’? NO.

Does a new town hall at $10,000,000 qualify as ‘infrastructure’? NO.

Does facilitating four new developments qualify as ‘infrastructure’? NO.

These new developments (up to 1000 houses) will only put an even greater strain on our already struggling infrastructure.

All of these non-infrastructure projects add up to more than $15 million.

After three years I would have expected some major infrastructure improvements, but it seems that they are bent on spending our tax dollars on frivolous events that has brought not a red nickel back to us. This administration has continued to ignore the infrastructure, just like the others.

We need new people in this administration, someone who knows about how bad our infrastructure really is, and someone who will keep their promises.

Liz Rozon

St. Lazare

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