• Carmen Marie Fabio

Beaconsfield Pet Fair deemed best ever


Buz, an 8-year-old, three-pound Chihuahua who has a single remaining tooth, is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle and be held.

The Beaconsfield Pet Fair both started and ended on a high note, beginning with beautiful weather and a record attendance and finishing – literally – high in the sky with the rescue of an errant kitten by a knight in pink shining armour.

“With all the breeds we had for adoption and all the different visitors, we didn’t have a single incident,” said event organizer and District 2 Town Councillor Karen Messier, “until a young cat named Sprite had been scared out of the arms of a person holding him by a dog, and scampered up a very large tree on the edge of the park.”

Knowing stormy weather was forecast to move in that evening, Messier then called a couple of wildlife relocators but was told the groups were not equipped with ladders and other necessary gear.

PHOTO COURTESY KAREN MESSIER Beaconsfield resident and owner of Service D'Arbres Ultime - Tree Service, Omar Rifai, saved the day at the Beaconsfield Pet Fair after climbing a key to rescue Sprite, the kitten who had been frightened by one of the canine adoptees.

“Our super park staff member Mark Lachapelle, on duty at Centenial Hall, called Omar Rifai, a Beaconsfield resident who owns a tree cutting business as well as other businesses. He arrived with his wife Wendy in a truck with a tall ladder, got into his gear, climbed the ladder and rescued the cat pretty quickly. A veterinarian examined Sprite immediately and pronounced him in good condition.”

Besides the brief drama of Sprite’s ordeal, Messier said this year’s Pet Fair was a phenomenal success and was one of the best attended fairs they’ve had with well over 1,000 attendees at the beautiful waterfront grounds of Centennial Park to speak with both rescue organizations as well as specialized trainers and agility demonstrations.

While the fair did not offer onsite adoptions, dogs and cats available for later adoption by application were led about the ‘cat walk’ with a bilingual narrative on each respective animal. The dog-walk was followed by a cat-walk and a ‘Blessing of the Pets’ event by Reverend Vicki Kowan from Beaurepaire United Church in the afternoon.

Rescue organizations answered myriad questions and handed out literature on the work they do in facilitating animal adoptions.

Following Sprite’s ordeal, he was checked over by Pierrefonds Animal Hospital’s Dr. Isak Kasuto and was pronounced as being just fine.

“Omar totally saved the day,” said Messier. “In style.”

For more information on the fairs participants and rescue organizations, consult www.facebook.com/bfldpetfair. For more photos of the event, see our Facebook page.