Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 8, 2016

Dear Editor,

Twice in as many weeks, distant neighbours have had loud all day and all night parties with music so noisy I would have gone deaf if I lived next door. What are these people thinking?

In both cases I drove over (they weren’t close) and asked the adult, mature, all grown-up man if they could turn down the volume and was told “I’ll try.”

Yesterday’s plan after a busy Saturday, was to relax on my usually quiet deck with my bird friends and my book but instead on this beautiful day, we were stuck in the house with doors and windows closed and we could still hear the pounding beat of the music from several streets away. As a long-time resident of St. Lazare, known and unknown neighbours have often been each other’s back up what with weather, power problems, pets needing attention or help etc. but these people – forget about it!

Have a nice life but if I see you broken at the side of the road, you’re on your own you thoughtless humans!

Diana Pollard

St Lazare

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