• Geeta Soni

Community Celebrates Teeyan de Mela Festival

The Indo-Canadian community celebrated the Teeyan de Mela festival on Sunday, August 28, at the Vaudreuil-Dorion Centre Multi-Sport. It was quite evident that lots of time, energy and talent went into the organization of this joyous festival. Local Member of Parliament, Peter Schiefke, and Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon were on hand with over 300 community members to enjoy the good food, cultural performances and even tried dancing, Bollywood style!

The organizing committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this event so incredibly successful. We look forward to another grand festival in 2017!

Small info regarding TEEYAN:

Teeyan (Punjabi: ਤੀਆਂ) is the Punjabi name of the festival of Teej which is celebrated in Punjaband Haryana (where it is also called Haryali teej) which is dedicated to the onset of the monsoon and focuses on daughters and sisters. The festival is celebrated during the monsoon season from the third day of the lunar month of Sawan on the bright half, up to the full moon of sawan, by women.

Married women go to their maternal house to participate in the festivities. In the past, it was traditional for women to spend the whole month of Sawan with their parents.

The festival of teeyan centres on girls and women getting together in the village green and tying swings to the trees. The festival gathers momentum in the teeyan Gidha (Ladies Dance).

Traditional bolyan which are sung to dance Gidha include:

"Hang my swing from a high tree branch where the swing moves by itself"

The main focus of the teeyan is dancing Giddha. In the past, the festival would last for as long as the girls wishes ranging from a few days to four weeks. Girls would gather to dance Giddha everday. The festival would close by the women performing the closing dance called 'bhallho'. Bhallo or ballo is performed by the women standing in two rows and dancing. This tradition of women getting together in villages has now become extinct.

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