Letter to the editor 2, September 1, 2016

Dear Editor,

I see I missed the deadline for voting against the by-law being passed to borrow over $1.5 million to spend on upgrading our local roads the better to serve the enormous increase of out-of-town vehicular traffic in our little burg. This traffic is burdensome to the town, not only fiscally, but to our comfort and way of life.

During this period of enormous traffic-growth, our town has not benefited in any commercial way, as proven by the many businesses which have closed during this time. Perhaps we could find a way to finance the expenditures.

I suggest installing traffic cameras to apprehend and fine speeders as being an excellent way to discourage through-traffic, control speeding, and build up a fund for the maintenance of the road system.

I read in the article in Your Local Journal about 100-year-old resident Annalisa Carlsson who died recently in Hudson, that she enjoyed being driven by her friend to the ‘Lake of Two Mountains’....(I presume it meant the Ottawa River) to enjoy the view over the water while listening to music on the radio.

I used to drive my mother, and later on, my husband, down to the wharf to do just that. Listen to music on the radio while enjoying the view, often at sunset. This delightful practice has been forestalled now, by the placing of huge cement blocks, prohibiting automobiles from accessing the view.

Parking on the wharf could be allowed surely, for the elderly and those with wheelchair access permission. The wharf is the only place in Hudson to park and stay in your car to enjoy an outing such as this. The town could make the riverfront at Thompson Park accessible for parking, and a similar experience could be enjoyed at that location by our ever increasing number of elderly residents.


Naomi Henshaw


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