Letter to the editor 1, September 1, 2016

Dear Editor,

I attended the 'consultation' for Hudson’s new conservation plan held at the community center August 23 only to find that the drawings that were presented were not the final drawings and the presentation was only in French.

I also was disturbed to see so much information missing or mislabelled on the drawings. Take for instance 'Sandy Beach' being labelled as located in the wetlands next to the Jack Layton Park parking lot. Then there is the total lack of recognizing the incredible flora and fauna found in the entire wooded and wet area comprising all of the land between the lake and the railroad which is fed by the Vivery River and includes beavers, muskrats, trout, foxes, mink, river otters, great blue herons, pileated woodpeckers, eider ducks, sand pipers, king fishers, mergansers, turkeys, a variety of amphibians, turtles and even some coy-wolves.

Did the consultants spend any time in this amazing place? Aren't they supposed to make observations in the field to determine whether or not an area should be protected? An area as rich and diverse as this is extremely rare and should be protected - not developed.

I urge all of the residents of Hudson to petition the council and administration to be transparent and democratic and hold another public meeting in English with the maps and documents they actually plan on submitting to the government and to attend the next council meeting September 6 and voice your concerns.

Richard Grinnell


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