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Public info meeting September 15 to present Senneville on the Park


Senneville’s old town hall fell to the wrecker’s ball on August 15 as the village proceeds with its plans to build a new $1.8 million replacement.

The Village of Senneville adopted a series of first drafts of modification by-laws to its master urban plan to allow for the proposed construction of a new development project called Senneville on the Park during the Monday evening council meeting, August 22.

Mayor Jane Guest couldn’t provide specific details about the project but said the developer will be on hand to present his plans at a public information meeting scheduled for September 15 at the George McLeish Community Centre.

“It’s a new development that is happening on the former veterans’ golf course that was sold to the present developer by Canada Lands Corporation,” Guest told Your Local Journal. She added that the development has to respect the village’s urban plan that was finalized and adopted in July 2014 and any new bylaw modifications that are made subsequent to those already in place assuming the project is accepted by the citizens.

Guest said a 3-D mock-up will be presented and the developer will answer citizens’ questions about the project. “Citizens will have a first view of his vision and a chance to express themselves and make comments about it. Then we’ll go forward after that,” she said.

“This is probably the first major project that we’ve had on this scale for the past 50 years,” said Guest. “It’s a milestone and it’s the last and only developable major piece of land available in Senneville apart from what’s called the triangle which near the entrance to the village from Boulevard des Anciens-Combattants.”

McKenzie Avenue extension

There’s no going back on the village’s proposal to extend McKenzie Avenue to Senneville Road even though some residents complained about the lack of a public consultation process during question period.

“We didn’t do any consultation per se because we’re not legally bound to,” Guest told one resident. “The road was decreed and it’s on municipal property. The people that are affected the most are those that live on it and they have been notified by letter that this was happening.

“It’s the municipality’s prerogative to open it and it was felt by council upon looking at the different options that this was the best choice,” added Guest. “Keeping it as a cul-de-sac would have entailed some expropriation of private land to enlarge the turnabout.”

Guest said two new properties on lower McKenzie are being affected by the road opening to Senneville Rd.Other considerations were involved in council’s decision including meeting the criteria for emergency vehicles that need unimpeded road access.

“Extending McKenzie Avenue to Senneville Road doesn’t require any expropriation because it is city-owned land,” said Guest. “It was also felt very strongly that it would give us the area to create the aqueduct between Pacific Avenue and Senneville Road which is much better than having dead-ends and water stagnating at the end of road that creates other problems.”

New city hall

Senneville’s old town hall fell to the wrecker’s ball on August 15 as the village proceeds with its plans to build a replacement. Guest said the new $1.8 million structure will be completed as scheduled by September, 2017. In the interim, the village’s administration will be housed at 40 Pacific Avenue, corner of Morningside Avenue.

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