Letter to the editor 2, August 25, 2016

Dear Editor,

The population of Hudson remains around 5000 and has been more or less unchanged for many years. However, the number of vehicles on our roads has quadrupled or even more in the last five years.

I live on the east end of Main Road in the Como sector, and the traffic is constant.... it never stops from early morning until late at night. I believe the same situation is repeated everywhere in this town, from the west end, the two roads in from the highway, Main Road and the Como end.

Much of this traffic comes from the ferry to Oka. My point is that this great increase of traffic is not local. However, the townspeople are being asked to borrow a lot of money to improve our roads for the benefit of so much out-of-town traffic.

Years ago I tried to dissuade Hudson from continuing the ferry when there was an opportunity to do so. Now we are paying the price for all this through traffic. Not only do we have to put up with it but now we are expected to pay for it!

Bellevue Street is really a part of the ring-road around Montreal Island. There are provincial signs on the TransCanada Highway, and the major highways advertising the Oka Ferry for miles around. We are expected to pay a significant amount of money for years to accommodate these out-of-town users of our roads.

I maintain that Main Road through Como to Vaudreuil-Dorion is now really a provincial highway. It is no longer just a little country road serving the few properties bordering it.

People of Hudson, rise up!

Refuse the by-law proposed to borrow all this money to spend on renewing and repairing these roads as highways for non-residents!


Naomi Henshaw