Letter to the editor 1, August 25, 2016

Dear Editor,

The evening of the 23rd of August, the Council of Hudson held a preliminary consultation/presentation of its conservation plan with maps and PowerPoint presentation, none of which was very legible and verbal explanations in French only. None of the documentation was supplied!

I found this disrespectful and surprising as Hudson is legally a bilingual town.

I noticed a number of people leaving during the presentation and heard, after the session, numerous people complaining as they could not understand the presentation.

This did not surprise me as the information and language was quite technical and difficult, even for fully bilingual individuals.

The citizens have until September 15 to send their comments to the Council, after which the Council will send the conservation plan to the Ministry for approval.

If you feel that your rights were not respected and want a presentation and documentation in English, demand the Council hold a second presentation in English, post all the information (maps included) in English on the Town’s website and inform all residents by a large enough notice in the Your Local Journal and by mail (very inexpensive and ensures coverage) of the date and time of the event.

A right to be heard includes the right to receive the information in the language you chose.

Véronique Fischer, lawyer


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