• Mireille Lemelin

Downton Abbey comes to Hudson in fine style


Really getting in to the Downton Abbey spirit with their period costumes and accessories, just some of the show's fans who vied for prizes at Auberge Willow Inn on Monday, August 22.

So many exciting and entertaining events are happening lately in our part of the world. Theatre, garden parties, public markets, fundraising galas and rides to name but a few. But a totally unusual happening took place this week in the quaint front bar room of the historic and picturesque Auberge Willow Inn in Hudson overlooking the Lake of Two Mountains.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a glorious picture of the cult British drama series, Downton Abbey, was coming alive in front of the 30 specially invited guests for the evening. A feast for the eyes, and the heart.

Celebrating, and looking back on the blockbuster six-year series that captivated more than 120 million viewers in over 220 countries around the world, none of whom wanted it to end as it did earlier this year.

Which is just one of the reasons why Ronit Yarosky, director of Donor Engagement, along with her team at PBS television station contacted Hudsonite Myriam Dunne, who just loves the show and who is the dynamic owner of Gite 72, to organize a costume revival of the series.

Said Yarosky, “Last year, we did this kind of gathering in Plattsburg, Lake Placid, and The Rialto in Montreal with huge success. So, we thought Hudson was the next perfect setting for such a revival.”

And so it was. On the spur of the moment and with only a week's notice to confirm one's seat, 30 eager fans from the region gathered to watch I Miss Downton Abbey simultaneously being broadcast by PBS Mountain Lake from its station in Plattsburg just south of the border.

Another highlight was a fun-filled friendly costume contest à la Downton Abbey. All were winners in terms of enthusiasm and getting into the spirit of the evening. Deborah Barclay was elected Miss Downton Abbey for her swinging reconstitution of the flapper's era. Her costume sewn by her own hand for a previous murder mystery party, was very 1925.

Inga Lawson was the runner up in a stunning evening white dinner gown with feather headdress. An honourable mention was also attributed for wearer of the best hat which went to Monique Booth for her scintillating black bead model worn many years ago by her mother.

While sipping bubbly, guests were privileged to see a sneak preview of the next Julian Fellowes' series, Victoria, which will start in January next year.

No doubt another blockbuster, courtesy of PBS Mountain Lake.

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