Letter to the editor 2, August 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Hudson Popote Roulante/Meals on Wheels and our clients in town, I would like to thank the participants of the recent Town Garage Sale for donating their registration fees to our organization. We would particularly like to thank Nicolas Pedneault, Recreation Director, for choosing us as this year's recipients. The proceeds will be used to replace and maintain our equipment and to ensure quality meals for our clients.

Hudson Popote Roulante/Meals on Wheels is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit group that prepares and delivers cooked meals to senior citizens who are unable to do it for themselves. Complete meals are prepared for up to 30 clients on Tuesday and Friday mornings and delivered by noon. Clients are charged a nominal amount for the service. Food preparation is done at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre. Volunteer drivers deliver the meals.

Kindest regards,

Lynne Kershaw


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