Letter to the editor 1, August 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

Wetlands, streams, lakes and bogs… the fabric that nourishes our beautiful environment here in Hudson. From the banks of the Vivery to the shores of Sandy Beach.

On August 23rd the Hudson Council will present the Wetland conservation plan. This plan is of great importance because it divides all wetlands that will be conserved from what land can be developed. This is a big deal because once it is adopted it will be the basis upon all future development (and density of these developments).

It will shape the future of our town right down to your own neighborhood.

Many of us live here in Hudson to escape the congestion of the big city and to enjoy nature. That is why it is critical that we make sure that this plan has taken advantage of every opportunity allowed to preserve these natural resources. You would think that a plan of such importance would allow for public consultation such as in other communities, but sadly, no, not for us.

Hudson will not be having a public consultation. No register, no referendum.

We will not have the opportunity to see this conservation plan beforehand, and our only opportunity to ask questions (to be answered by a biologist) will be at this meeting.

There are other communities that have encouraged public consultation for their conservation plans, why not Hudson? Don’t we deserve this same democracy?

It is no secret that our council is very anxious for development. Please take the time to attend and do your part to ensure every opportunity is taken to conserve as much of our natural resources as possible!

So please do not miss what may be your only opportunity to voice your concerns at this upcoming presentation. Tuesday August 23, 5 to 9 p.m. at the community center.

Eva McCartney


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