West Island Palliative Care Residence receives royal patronage: Queen Elizabeth’s eldest grandchild,

The West Island Palliative Care Residence is pleased and honoured to announce that the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Phillips, and his wife Autumn Phillips, a native of Pointe-Claire, have agreed to become Patrons of the Residence.

The announcement coincides this week with a second meeting this year in Montreal of the couple with Teresa Dellar, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Residence. In February, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips visited the Residence and attended its annual Valentine’s Day Ball, the Residence’s largest fundraising event of the year.

“We are thrilled to have the enthusiastic interest and engaged support of Peter and Autumn Phillips for the Residence and to their agreement to become official Patrons of our work here on the West Island and in furthering the cause of palliative care across Canada,” said Ms. Dellar. “It is a heartfelt expression of their interest in supporting the community where Autumn was born and brought up and where her family still lives.”

Mr. Phillips is the son of the Princess Royal, Queen’s Elizabeth II only daughter, and Captain Mark Phillips. Autumn Phillips, née Kelly, was born in Pointe-Claire, attended local schools, graduated from McGill University and continues to hold her Canadian citizenship. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips are the parents of the Queen’s eldest great-grandchild, Savannah, as well as one other daughter, Isla. After first meeting in 2003 at the Montreal Grand Prix, the couple were married at Windsor Castle in 2008.

Autumn Phillips addressed the Residence’s annual Valentine’s Ball in February, telling the guests how pleased she was to be able to lend her support to such an important service in the area in which she grew up and to which she still holds strong attachments. “The West Island Palliative Care Residence is such an important asset to the West Island community,” she said. “It provides much-needed care and support to patients and families at the crucial time of end-of-life. It is a great honour for Peter and me to support this valuable work, to thank those who also do so and to urge others to join in this crucial effort.”

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