• Carmen Marie Fabio

Hudson Town Clerk leaves position

YLJ FILE PHOTO/JOHN JANTAKAnother in a string of personnel changes at the Town of Hudson, a resolution was passed at the August 1 council meeting ending, by mutual agreement, the employment of Town Clerk Vincent Maranda.

Following a tumultuous three years that has seen a veritable revolving door of departing staff members at the Town of Hudson, it’s been revealed that Town Clerk Vincent Maranda no longer retains his position following a resolution that was passed at the August 1 council meeting.

“It was a mutual decision,” Maranda told Your Local Journal. “I have other plans and we (council) agreed that the employment would terminate.”

A commercial and corporate lawyer and Hudson resident, Maranda is looking to start a legal practice specializing in local businesses.

“The separation with Mr. Maranda is amicable,” Mayor Ed Prévost confirmed. “We absolutely wish him the best in the future.” Prévost is currently on medical leave with Councillor Barbara Robinson acting as pro-mayor.

Maranda’s departure follows a string of high profile positions that saw a rapid staff turnaround rate following the revelation that former Director General Louise Léger-Villandré had misappropriated funds from the town coffers. She pleaded guilty to six of the 19 charges against her December, 2015.

Accounting irregularities were originally uncovered at the town by Sylvain Bernard, who resigned in April, 2014. He was replaced by Ramin Jawanda who left the position in February, 2015. Further changes included a two-week suspension of former DG Catherine Haulard in February, 2015 from which she never returned to her job. That case is currently before the provincial Commission des relations du travail (CRT). Parks and Recreation Director Julia Schroeder is also currently before the CRT following her January, 2016 suspension from her position.

Jacques Lemieux was hired to replace Haulard but left after one week, saying the problems that existed at that time in the town were, “…more in human and political (issues) and not problems of administrative processes.” He was replaced by Interim DG and former Westmount Councillor Duncan Campbell before Hudson hired its current DG Jean-Pierre Roy in September, 2015.

“It’s a mess,” confirmed Prévost. “Before it becomes better, we had to make changes.”

The Assistant Town Clerk Diane Duhaime is expected to assume Maranda's duties until a new Town Clerk is hired.