Letter to the editor 3, July 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

After reading the article about Mayor Robert Grimaudo’s comments concerning the festival au Galop, I have to give my opinion on this expense. When I moved to St. Lazare in 1993, the population was 5,000 citizens. By 2010, it reached 20,000 with over 6,000 homes and the area remained beautiful.

As taxpayers, do we really need to spend $350,000 to promote the city of St. Lazare? The beautiful area sells itself. This festival may have benefitted certain businesses such as restaurants and the grocery store. However, what economic benefits does the town get from hosting this event?

For $350,000 of our tax money, what is the return on the investment? I would like the mayor to publish a statement of all the expenses this festival cost us.

I was at the presentation of 11:30 a.m. on Sunday of the Knights of Valour and only about 25 per cent of the seats were occupied. I don't understand how the mayor can say that all the shows were full.

In my opinion, there were less people this year compare to last year. I surely hope that Mr .Grimaudo will be transparent and publish the actual expenses in a detailed manner.

Alain Bruneau

St. Lazare

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