Letter to the editor 1, July 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

At 1:30 this Wednesday afternoon, on my way to pick up my wife the temperature gauge on my car read 34.5 degrees and environment Canada had issued a high heat warning, telling us to stay comfortable in a cooler temperature, I saw a woman riding a bicycle with a young boy on the rack behind her (no helmet), and a very hot looking cocker-spaniel pulling them along (it did not seem as if the woman was making much effort to pedal) .I stopped and told her what she was doing was very cruel for the poor dog. Firstly I was told to mind my own business; secondly she said she was going to the pond at the sandpits.

Animal cruelty is everybody's business and should not be taken lightly. Making a dog run on a 35 degree day is not very smart. He could suffer from hyperthermia and eventually die and I don't believe that would be much fun for your son now would it?

Robert Baxter

St. Lazare

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