• James Parry

Young violinist takes a bow at weekly Hudson Farmer's Market


Under the trees at the Hudson Farmer’s Market, violinist Chloe Mitchell delights vendors and visitors alike while welcoming donations to help her continue her studies and help repay her parents back for their funding and support.

It is the dream of virtually every aspiring musician to one day play in a people-packed prestigious venue with tickets sold out in advance.

For her part, 15-year-old Chloe Mitchell, who has been studying the violin since the tender age of five, is quite happy to be performing on afternoons this summer, on the grass, at the weekly Hudson Farmer's Market at the corner of Selkirk and Main. Playing pieces by Mozart, Handel, Bach, and the lesser known French born Baroque composer and violin virtuoso, Senaillé.

As for tickets? Forget it. Her performances are free. Although donations - no matter how small and dropped in to her empty violin case - would be most welcome. Why? Because as she told Your Local Journal this week, “For the second year in a row, I'm attending a musical camp for two weeks as of this Sunday (July 10). And while my parents, Debbie and Geoffrey, have already paid for me to be there, as they did last summer, I would like to pay them back some of the fee and thank them for their kindness and support.”

And what better way, she added, than playing at the market for donations that vendors and visitors might like to give? “Every cent will be going to my parents,” said Mitchell, a student at Westwood Senior. “Not that they are asking for anything at all but it is just something I would like to do.”

Why the market? Explained Mitchell, who studies violin in Vaudreuil-Dorion with Luciné Balikian, “Living in Hudson, I know the market well. It's just a short walk from my home. It's a beautiful setting under the trees. And it gives me a chance to practice before a live audience. It's marvelous.”

While at Camp Musical Père Lindsay in St. Damien, Québec, Mitchell will not only be studying violin but she will also be learning how to play with a full string orchestra comprising other students. As a member of the West Island Junior Symphony Orchestra for the past three years and recently having auditioned successfully to play with the Senior Symphony starting this fall as one of its youngest performers, Mitchell cannot wait.

Upon her return, she says she will be at the market continuing to play for donations. And organizers, and regular visitors, could not be more pleased.

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