Letter to the editor 2, July 7, 2016

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to share my lovely afternoon at ‘Champs de Reves’ in St. Lazare last weekend - something everyone should check out.

The weather was great, many families came to have a look and I am sure they will also tell everybody how lovely it is.

I read the first article in Your Local Journal and saved it to be sure to check it out. Then a lovely pamphlet arrived in the mail advertising their ‘grand Opening’ - what a lovely surprise.

The dream gardens are coming along, the sand sculptures are also looking good, and the lavender is lush.

Just think – this can become a beautiful venue for visitors to come to our “neck of the woods.”

I am writing this to draw readers’ attention and to tell more people about it and, of course, to go see it for themselves.

And to thank Mark Rassi for a great idea and wish him much success and good luck with this venture.

Sylvia Foliot

St. Lazare

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