Letter to the editor 2, June 30, 2016

Dear residents of Hudson,

I am a concerned resident of Hudson who has decided he should start to look into what is going in the town he loves. The more I look, the more concerned I get.

When I added up what the town has published in Appendix 2 of the Strategic Plan, it says the plan will cost $32,500,000 over four years which is twice our present debt! Is this what the residents of Hudson really want? I'm not so sure.

On one side we have a town council that sincerely believes they were given a mandate by a survey of 203 people to implement the entire Strategic Plan, and on the other side you have an untold number of residents concerned about what they find in published, public documents and on web sites, what is going on behind closed doors, that the roads haven't been paved, that Hudson is going to run out of public water and why more people don't have sewers available to them. .

Perhaps instead of each side retreating to their own corners and discussing what the other is thinking or doing which usually just generates animosity and rumours , both sides should agree to a few, real town hall meeting where there is no agenda only questions from one side to the other so we can clear the air and get on with enjoying the town we all love.

Is this so hard to do? Is this asking too much from a council that was elected on a platform of transparency?

If you are concerned about what is going in Hudson, attend the next council meeting on July 4th at the community center ask your questions.

After all, it is 'your' town.

Richard Grinnell


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