• John Jantak

Senneville to hold registry signing for McKenzie Avenue lot owners


Senneville property owners on McKenzie Avenue will be able to sign a registry on July 11 at town hall if they oppose a $1.5 million borrowing by-law to extend the road that will enable them to access their lots.

The Village of Senneville will hold a registry signing for the owners of private lots on McKenzie Avenue July 11 to determine whether council will proceed with a loan by-law for the requested extension of the roadway.

Senneville council adopted a $1.5 million borrowing by-law provision at the Monday evening council meeting on June 27 for the proposed extension of McKenzie north of Pacific Avenue, which will also include the installation of drainage, lighting and aqueduct services.

Mayor Jane Guest said the cost of the project will be borne exclusively by the 17 lot owners, many of whom have been asking for the road extension for many years. The extension, however, will be scrapped if at least nine people voice their opposition to the proposal by signing the registry.

“The people who own the properties on McKenzie, some have had them for 50 years now,” Guest told Your Local Journal. “In some cases, the properties have been passed onto the next generation and in other cases people have moved away but kept their lot. So they asked council to open the road and they have a right to have the road opened.

“McKenzie was originally decreed to connect to Graham Avenue but it never happened because there wasn’t enough construction at the time,” Guest added. “Now these lot owners have finally decided to ask council to move forward aggressively on this file, but it’s very complex and there’s a lot of pieces. For everybody to try to go through this process on their own is just far too complicated.”

Possible future development of the lots would have to take into consideration the variations in the size of the properties, whether they’re located in wetlands, and the number of trees on each property, said Guest.

“It depends on a lot of factors. It’s a particularly sensitive area so if they decide they don’t want to go further, then the plan will be dropped,” said Guest. “Now we’re at the point where there’s a $1.5 million borrowing by-law to go through with the optional construction of the road and everything else if they all agree to it.”

Property owners who have wanted to develop their lots have been unable to do so because there is no roadway to access the properties which is mandatory for any construction projects to be approved. “You have to have a road legally before you can build, but they can’t go because they don’t have a road,” said Guest.

If the project receives approval to proceed following the registry signing, all 17 lot owners will be required to pay their own portion of the infrastructure upgrade through their property taxes over the next 20 years.

“They will pay for everything,” said Guest. “On the south of McKenzie, it’s a little bit different. We’re assuming a little bit of the infrastructure cost for the three lots only because it will help us with our aqueduct. It will sort of continue a loop for us so it will actually enhance our aqueduct water system.”

More information about the McKenzie registry signing is available on the Senneville website at http://www.villagesenneville.qc.ca/en/public-notices.

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