• James Armstrong

Land-Art Hudson 2016 opens with artist from Lapland


Land-art Hudson 2016 opened Wednesday, June 29, with artist in residence Lys-Ange LeBlanc who is the first in a series of artists integrating art with the natural environment in this show that extends to the end of July.

Having recently arrived in Hudson from his home in Lapland, LeBlanc tackled his land-art project with enthusiasm.

“It’s a bit like building a fort when we were kids,” he commented while standing in the midst of his sculpture in progress. “Some kids passed by and stopped to look and said ‘cool’,” he added with a laugh.

The as-yet untitled sculpture is taking shape in the forest near the lookout point on the Ottawa River between Jack Layton Park and Sandy Beach.

“It depends on how it feels inside,” said LeBlanc in reference to the future title. “It’s intended to last 10 or 15 years,” he said adding, “Eventually vines will grow over it and it will become part of the landscape.” As a multi-discipline artist, LeBlanc promised performance art at noon on Sunday, July 3, as the opening of the public vernissage that runs until 2 p.m.

Sound is also part of the plan for the sculpture. Visitors will be invited to use their cellular devices to listen to a recording via a Q code. As of press time, the sound performance was a work in progress.

“It will be a surprise for Sunday,” said LeBlanc.

People are encouraged to visit the site at 392 rue Halcro to meet the artist and experience the creation of sculpture in progress. He will be on-site from Wednesday through Canada Day culminating in the Sunday, July 3 vernissage.

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