• James Parry

Norm Foster's 'hijinks on the links' comedy tees off at Hudson Village Theatre


Left to right: Eleanor Noble, Shannon Hamilton, Susan Glover, and Mary Harvey star in ‘The Ladies Foursome’ opening June 23 at the Hudson Village Theatre.

Putt it down. And no, that's not a typo but rather a play on words. But at a media call earlier this week I had to ask Alison Darcy who is directing Norm Foster's 'hijinks on the links' comedy, The Ladies Foursome, opening tonight Thursday, June 23, at Hudson Village Theatre, whether she and her four cast members were keen golfers.

Laughed Darcy, “Not at all. In fact, while we have all played a round once in a while over the years, it was Eleanor Noble, who had audiences in stitches during HVT’s Wife Begins at Forty two summers ago and who plays Dory, who showed us how to hopefully convince the audience that we are real golfers. If only on the stage.”

Having seen a sneak preview of some scenes on Tuesday, June 21, they sure had me convinced!

First performed and an instant hit at the Upper Canada Village Playhouse in July, 2014, and running at HVT through July 10, it all takes place when a threesome – namely Connie, Margot, and Tate - gathers on the tee with a newcomer, Dory, to play a round in honour of their recently dearly-departed regular.

Over the ‘course’ of the next 18 holes, the rigours of golf pale in comparison to the surprises and confessions that emerge as they discuss everything from life and love to men and sex. Nothing is sacred including Connie’s endless pursuit of men…“I don’t worry about getting a reputation. I worry about keeping one”; Margot’s drinking… “Where else can you drink this early in the morning and people think it’s normal?”; Tate’s fear that she’s wasted her life running a lodge in the Canadian wilderness and Dory's admission that, “We have indoor plumbing or I’d be down at the river beating my kids against rocks to get them clean!”

From the tee-off to the final hole, The Ladies Foursome offers some of the funniest, most outrageous, and touching golf swings in the history of the game. At least to my knowledge!

For more info and reservations – confirming your own tee-off date and time at Hudson Village Theatre, 28 Wharf Road, Hudson - go to www.villagetheatre.ca, call the Box Office at (450) 458-5361, or go online at hvtbox@videotron.ca.

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