Letter to the editor 4, June 23, 2016

Dear Editor,

At the last St. Lazare council meeting, I asked Mayor Robert Grimaudo if he had the information on what the costs for the Festival au Galop were to date. He replied that he did not.

They had a budget of $350,000 for this year. We know that they hired someone to organize the event for $40,000 plus. Security last year was around $25,000. At one time they told me that the Knights of Valour was now close to $25,000. We are almost at $100,000. They took out advertisements of 8 to10 pages which would not be cheap, posters have been put up which cost a bundle.

Add the cost of workers on weekends putting up the barriers etc. and we would be over the $350,000 mark. At one time I mentioned that I would like to be on the organizing committee and was not considered. I guess I bring up too many questions at monthly meetings and I am not a YES person.

I also presented a list of Country & Western groups who could be considered to perform during the two day event. None of these were neither contacted nor accepted. I've heard all these groups and they are good. One member even lives in St. Lazare. What’s up?

If the cost goes over $350,000 this year, I would strongly recommend that the entire council resign.

We cannot afford an increase in taxes. Many of us are not in the same income bracket as they are.

Time that the citizens come together and say, “Enough is enough.”

Only a handful attends monthly meetings, we need to fill the hall with more people.

Richard Masys

St. Lazare

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